Safety & Health Program

Accidents not only endanger lives, they also can derail ongoing operations, hinder the productivity of workers, and create extra expenses for clients. For these reasons and more, safety is elemental in every Nelson Pipeline Constructors operation and worksite. We provide the resources required to eliminate potential hazards and keep projects on the fast track. Nelson Pipeline Constructors has a low Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.95.

Nelson Pipeline Constructors is committed to integrating innovation and exceptional quality into the design of every project and ensuring that the construction phase is performed in strict accordance with approved plans and specifications. Our firm routinely assesses its compliance with environmental and health/safety laws and regulations as well as with internal policies and procedures. We continually collect, evaluate and report data to our clients that is accurate, precise and inclusive.


  • To provide uniform and minimum standard-of-performance guidelines for safety and health that are consistent with good workplace practices and meet or exceed OSHA standards.
  • To help create an attitude of safety-consciousness with all company employees.
  • To minimize injury by planning safe and healthy working conditions and by identifying potential workplace hazards.
  • To identify specific responsibilities for effectively managing and enforcing the safety program.
  • To provide processes for continually developing and updating safety education and training.
  • To initiate tactics for involving other employers, with employees that could be exposed to hazards in the workplace, in an effective safety program.

Standardized Training:

– Tools
– Storage
– Ladder safety
– Safe work conditions
– Lockout tag out
– Respecting electricity
– Storing and transporting liquids
– Personal Protective Equipment
– OSHA standards
– Hearing protection
– Foot Protection
– Safety Belts, Life lines, Lanyards
– Utility damage
– Accident, incident reporting
– First Aid
– Defensive driving
– Substance abuse
– Competent person training
– OSHA inspections
– Wire rope capacities
– Trench box safety
– AED training
– House keeping
– Dailey checklist
– Equipment maintenance
– OSHA regulation 29
– CFR 1926.650
– Eye Protection
– Lifting cables
– Safety Meetings
– Hazardous Material
– Equipment Inspection
– Excavations and Trenching
– Underground hazards
– Water in excavation
– Hazardous atmospheres
– Confined space entry
– Fall protection
– Inspections
– Material Handling
– Heavy loads

Safety and Training

Nelson Pipeline Constructors has one goal with regards to safety: We want to see each and every employee go home at the end of the day safe and sound.

Our safety and training program includes:

  • On-site training
  • OSHA training
  • Training on each specific type of process
  • Equipment training
  • Confined space training

Additionally, our firm works hard to ensure our workforce is comprised of highly skilled and experienced workers. Our human resource process includes:

  • Systematic drug testing
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Utilization of E-Verify to confirm employment eligibility